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This is my page for the Alternate Reality Game, lovingly coined "The Haunted Apiary" at the Unfiction forums.
These pages are all about the hacking/haunting of the website.
(note "" has been decommissioned - to view the website in its final form, visit the static mirror "")

Transcriptions of the full radio drama
The Axon Plot

The Axons are hot, and here's the Axon plot! A compilation of all sound file transcripts from successfully connected axons according to and other pages. The sister compilation to the audio story below (the actual audio MP3's unlocked), though the transcriptions are ordered by thread as discovered.

Audio (MP3) Drama...
(and playlist)

The most intense part of ILB was the story given to us through audio MP3's unlocked each week. Given by 'threads' (the following of a particular character for about 20 minutes of audio split by scene, I felt the final ordering of these audio clips is best laid out separating by scenes rather than threads. So the audio chapters found on my page are fully ordered to I felt the most appropriate and effective use of each week's scenes. Enjoy!

Fan-fic / Novelization

Go there, and find out........
The end result of each compilation I have here - a fullout fan fiction, replaying the events of ilovebees in a novelized readable form. Once complete, it'll be a compilation of the timeline, all text from the fulltext compilation, and including all chapters from the Axon Plot.

Listed below are two perspectives of the timeline of changes that I've managed to put together. They're laid out in columns, paralleling each other from the earliest event to the latest:

Full-Text Timeline
A chronological compilation of all known text in game-time, of elements sorted by major entities, in two time-eras (pre-game events and in-game events). Including: Melissa's Ship (Greene/Rolf/Standish, Kowalski/Arrelts, and the Castaway), Dana, Melissa, the Spider, the Flea, and the Sleeping Princess (this is my favourite document, it reads like a novel :)

Summary Timeline
A chronological summary in real-world time, of the events and monologue elements, sorted into real world events, organized data, and character development.

Fan writings

Mad props to Shad0 for these exquisite masterpieces!
Mad props to Cherry Cotton for this exquisite masterpiece!
Mad props to Alaranth for these clip-name short stories!
(The Way Their World Ended)

Grassroots ARG Case Study
Intimation is the community-coined title of a homebrew ARG I puppet-mastered with a team in 2009. It ran a number of months telling the story of another Smart AI from the Halo future, inspired by the plight of Melissa.

Other Websites

Other HALO Resources

For all things Halo marketing/ARG-related which I've been tracking over the years, please visit
This is a launching point for details about projects from fan-made ARGs, to official promotional campaigns for Halos 5 and 4, Reach, ODST, Halo 3 (Iris), and references for I Love Bees and the Cortana Letters, and more.